Veterinary Practice Real Estate Loans

Considering Acquiring or Constructing Real Estate To House Your Practice?

At 1st Med Financial, we understand that as a successful veterinary practice owner, you are sitting on an untapped resource for increased personal net worth – your built up practice “GOODWILL”. 1st Med offers very aggressive commercial real estate loan programs specifically for veterinarians, which allow for 100% financing on real estate acquisitions and can include build-out, new equipment and working capital. 

Becoming your own landlord is a great way to leverage your successful practice to build personal net worth with a life-long rental income stream. With the current over-supply of discounted commercial property in the market, now is a great time to explore this option with us.

At 1st Med, we've been helping numerous veterinarians take advantage of the historically low interest rates & the multiple financing options available to purchase commercial real estate for their practice.

Veterinary Practice Commercial Real Estate Loan Highlights

100% Financing Plus Working Capital

Conventional Practice & SBA Programs Available

Acquisition or Refinance Options

Loan Requests Up To $10 Million

Low Fixed Rate Terms Available

Include New Equipment / Software / Working Capital

Purchase Real Estate to House Practice

No Hidden Fees, Points or Application Fees

A Veterinary Practice Commercial Real Estate Loan may just be what your practice needs. Our years of experience in practice & real estate valuation offers our clients the most aggressive dental practice commercial real estate loans in the marketplace.

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Recent Testimonial

"We recently closed a practice acquisition loan and a real estate loan with Mike Furlong and 1st Med Financial. Having shopped the deal with several local banks and other medical lending institutions, we knew that the conditions and circumstances of the deal were far from ideal.

Mike provided the insight and experienced needed to not only obtain financing, but at rates and terms that far surpassed our expectations. Mike was an absolute pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for medical financing."

Dr. Kayla Shipman, DVM